SQV About & Biography

Spike Quiama, cameraman reporter, formed at Technocity (Digital Media Center), center of information, technology, communications and digital media (audio visual) of the Wallonia region, 7000 Mons , and at the school of photography and visual technique Agnès Varda 1000 Brussels in Belgium..

Training: Shooting & editing of digital video with today’s most professional editing software, like Adobe’s Premiere Pro & Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

All Challenges are motivating for which VERSQ is mobilized at your service. More than 12 years of service in the field of cameraman reporter. Hundred eighty reportage held throughout Europe, with a wide network of relationship and especially a internationally respected profession.
Spike Quiama, allias VERSQ, from Angola’s origin, knowns the value of human wealth and traditions, draws its knowlegde through the diversity of culture of Angola. He wants to use loud and clear across the world the cultures of Angola in the field of reporting.



“My objectives are to develop a way for the Angola’s culture to be known, and that culture replace definitely the way we put out our hands,” he says.

My goal is to offer a wide range of services to meet all your needs

Photographer, cameraman, editor professional,  film of your video clip, wedding, concert, birthday, christening, photo, reportage, etc… ist integrity in a magnificent assembly of intergralite your event complete with a generic and special effects and live in a personalized jacket in 15 days. 12 years of service hext to the Angolan diasporat event for all cultural, musical, religious, and interviews with VERSQ in Europe.